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Halloween— Los Angeles mag Style

Competition was fierce at  Los Angeles magazine's costume party contest yesterday, from obscure movie villains to amazing movie magic makeup, and from homespun characters to internet memes, the staff turned it out for Halloween. Here are a few highlights...



Ryan LochteFrom left: Marketing services director Devon McKee as McKayla Maroney and digital marketing manager Cammeo Murray as Ryan Lochte— both winners in our book!


HeisenbergFrom left: Associate editor Kari Mozena as Honey Boo Boo 30 Years From Now, senior editor Linda Immediato as Heisenberg, and editor-in-chief Mary Melton as a Dupar's Waitress. Bring the go-go juice and decaf, it's time to cook!


Image TitleProduction manager Denise Philibert as "A Skull" Holy make up!! Check out those ghost teeth!! We thought it was a mask it was so 3D. 


Image TitleFrom left: Sales and marketing assistants Liz Rennie as the Endeavor and Isaac Caruso as a Swedish Viking. We love the L.A. angle and timeliness of Liz's getup and how Isaac really went for it. You should've heard his in-character stand up routine. 


Chris NicholsChris Nichols as Dr. T from Dr. Seuss's the 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. We hadn't seen the film either, but it didn't stop us from being totally impressed! McKayla, however, still was not. 

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