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Style editor Linda Immediato grabs lunch on the go and hunts for stylish food truck patrons outside the LA Mag office in Miracle Mile...

TRUCK: Green Truck

WHO: Curly, works at Huge Inc. marketing agency and is an aspiring fashion designer

WHAT'D THEY ORDER: Chicken Sandwich

WEARING: "Vintage shirt, skinnies, old loafers, glasses from Pop Killer, and bracelets from Mother Teresa's Monastery, gifts from a friend."

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  1. BrettR posted on 10/10/2012 12:08 PM
    Stylish? Can't see any details of his "vintage shirt".. those skinnies should be burned/banned, he looks like he is wearing tights, glasses aren't overkill, whats a grown man doing with more than 3 bracelets on his arm, I think I made some like that at sleepaway camp when I was 13?
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