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Lisa Lowe

Lisa Lowe puts a bright face on eco-friendly home decor


Garage brand: The recycled-rubber bulletin boards that Lisa Lowe created in her garage in 1989 for the Container Store are still steady sellers. They were also the genesis of her company, Oré Originals, which makes eco-friendly home items such as shower curtains, lunch sacks, and chalkboards at a Long Beach warehouse. The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo grad’s graphics are bright, retro inflected, and devoid of cheesiness. The design line’s name, Lowe says, “is like Häagen-Dazs—it sounds good but doesn’t mean anything.” Family values: With a musician dad (he played in the ’60s cult band the Electric Prunes) and a “granola” mom, the Chatsworth native would tell her parents “to turn the music down.” Lowe’s husband and stepdaughter now work for her, and after having a baby seven years ago, Lowe introduced kids’ bibs, dishes, and splat mats to her inventory. Puppy love: The pet portion of her business began on a lark. “As a joke we cut a place mat in the shape of a bone, added a piece of bread to look like a biscuit, and blew it up really big on the copy machine.”

Photograph by Coral Von Zumwalt

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