The Food Event 2012


Our seventh annual culinary extravaganza featuring celebrity chefs, top restaurants, and wine and spirits tastings was hugely successful on October 21. Check out the short film and relive the splendor (or see what you missed).

Here’s a sneak peek of what happened last Sunday at Los Angeles magazine’s The Food Event! Delectable dishes prepared by some of L.A.’s hottest chefs were the main focus. Spectacular scenery, refreshing wine, beer and cocktails, live animals, and a great-looking crowd made for a perfect afternoon. More photos will be posted soon, but these should whet your appetite.

Photographs by Jennifer Fujikawa Photography and Jim Donnelly Photo   

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  • Cheryl Pokomo

    The Los Angeles Magazine Food Event is absolutely unbelievable & worth every penny. My husband & I have attended the last 3 years & have always thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The food & beverage selections are so numerous, it’s difficult to sample everything. Lots of great scenery & places to hang out & soak up the wonderful weather. There’s even a gift bag. It’s the Food Event highlight of our year. Gelson’s is always a sponsor & offers a discount for tickets with a code from your cash register receipt (THANKS GELSONS!!)! We can’t wait for this year’s extravaganza!