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Rivera - Piscotheque

...A brooding Pisco drink for brooding brooders

Rivera is Chef John Sedlar's contemporary expression of three thousand years of Latin food history. Through food and drink, Rivera celebrates the story and spirit of Latin culture around the world, from the past to the present day and on into the future. Rivera aims to empower both body and spirit, to provide a convivial experience that leaves its guests pleasurably transformed.


Prepare a coupe with a rinse of Luxardo Fernet, and chill In a mixing glass:
2 oz Pisco Porton
3/4oz Gran Classico bitters
1/2oz Liquor Stregga
Barspoon Regan's orange bitters

Add ice, stir till cold, and strain into the prepared glass
...A brooding Pisco drink for brooding brooders.


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