The Outdoor Room Grows Up

You have no excuses not to wine and dine—or doze—in your own backyard. L.A.

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Landscape designers Scott Shrader and Jay Griffith were focusing on the attractions of the outdoor room long before it became a shelter magazine fixture and the subject of an HGTV show. Now a host of tech breakthroughs are making it possible for the space outside to be as grand, and as livable, as its counterparts indoors. 


Malibu Matrix

As the weekend retreat for the owners of a prominent clothing company, this Point Dume property needed to be a soothing alternative to long hours spent inside an office
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Palisades Pavilions

Everything about the open-air rooms that Jay Griffith erected in this Pacific Palisades garden are meant to evoke the mythological magic carpet rides of the Moors, among the first champions of outdoor spaces
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Photographs by Noah Webb  


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