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Five Favorites: Ricardo Zarate

Chef Ricardo Zarate shares his must-have L.A. dishes

      The five L.A. tastes chef Ricardo Zarate can't get enough of:

      ① Sashimi Lunch Special at Sushi Gen: “You never know what fish they’re going to serve, but it’s always so fresh.”

      ② Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger at Plan Check: “It’s not always on the menu, but I ask for it. I love the combination of flavors.”

      ③ Lobster with Ginger and Green Onions at Newport Seafood: “It’s super fresh, and I like getting to pick my own lobster!”

      ④ Pad Kee Mao at Night + Market: “This is my late night snack. I have a few beers and this. It’s a little spicy, but not too spicy.”

      ⑤ Chicken Pho at Nong La Café: “I live near there, so I hang out on Sawtelle a lot. If I’m really hungry, I get the Vietnamese rolls with grilled pork, too.” More Five Favorites posts on

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