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Test Taste: The Crullant & Two Other Cronut Knock-Offs

Sure, L.A. has some cronut knock-offs, but are they any good?

The Cronut has reached worldwide fame. Created in New York by pastry chef Dominique Ansel, it combines the flaky richness of a croissant with the simple pleasures of a filled donut. We haven't tasted the real thing (yet), but have noted that a few bakeries in L.A. land are trying to jump on the cronut-wagon. Our three contenders are Semi Sweet Bakery, downtown L.A.; Frances Bakery, in Little Tokyo; and DK's Donuts & Bakery, in Santa Monica.

Have you seen another cronut around town? Do tell! The comments section is down below.

 Semi Sweet Bakery Frances Bakery
DK Donuts
Size Smaller than a Krispy Kreme Larger than the average donut Flat and wide
Appearance Perky, golden brown and glistening Distinct layers, sugar-crusted exterior Distinct layers, sugar-crusted
Texture Crispy; inside, a bit doughy Crunchy, flaky, oily Tough, flaky, oily
Flavor Like cane sugar syrup and butter Pronounced vanilla; dark chocolate Like old fryer oil
Icing Only a simple glaze Vanilla or chocolate None
Filling None Vanilla custard only Vanilla, chocolate (texture of shaving cream) or strawberry (like runny jello)
Overall Light, simple, good Rich, but good No