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Hot For The Pour: A Bartender-Made List of Drinks To Put You In The Mood

Plus, the drink most likely to seduce your server

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What better way to woo a hot stranger at a bar than with a little lusty libation? On newsstands now, our October issue focuses on all things sex in L.A., and we asked a few Los Angeles mixmasters for tips on how to conquer with cocktails: what they would serve a couple at their bar who were looking for a push in the right direction and what would they serve someone they’re looking to get it on with. One bonus insight: if you want to seduce a bartender, just buy them a shot of premium tequila.

Brynn Smith of Sotto: “Whiskey makes ya frisky and gin makes you sin so probably a ‘Lil Italy’ or a ‘La Camorra’ (Sotto cocktail) for a guy and maybe a Vesper for a girl. I would personally get my Tequila Ocho Reposado on!”

David Kupchinsky of The Eveleigh: “Here’s the crudest, most direct answer: if I’m out on a date and I want to get it on with a girl, I’m not drinking anything but tequila all night. Have you ever heard the term ‘whiskey dick’? Guys have a hard time becoming fully aroused if they’re too intoxicated from whiskey. I don’t have that issue when I drink tequila. It seems to have that ‘upper’ quality. It gives you more energy and you’re more awake and more alive—and you get in trouble.”

Gabriella Mlynarczyk of Ink: “For a couple, I would choose a spicy and fruity tequila drink. Tequila is mood enhancer and chilis boost serotonin levels for that feel good factor. For me, it would be a shot of Pappy Van Winkle 13 year rye. For a woman, it's a statement that says you mean business, and also that you have balls for joining in the boys club, which guys find sexy.”

Joshua Lucas of The Writer’s Room: “A couple and a cup? I'd make an ‘Airmail.’ With honey and champagne together you have an aphrodisiac in hot pursuit. For a maiden and her tipple I'd make a Clover Club—seduction by way of color, taste, and aroma. Add in the show of my shake/pull/pour, and it’s game over, man!”

Kate Grutman of Soho House: “I once overheard some girls saying that the Sauterne they were drinking made them ‘want to go home and have sex,’ so cheers to sweet, low ABV wines. And apparently lavender and pumpkin pie spices are male aphrodisiacs, so I'd serve them a “Green Point” and sub out the rye for an anejo tequila (I go with Ocho personally), then garnish it with a lavender sprig or just place one behind their girl's ear. [For someone I lust after, it’s an Ocho Reposado layback with a lavender Kate back—like a layback, but with me.”

Marcos Tello of Invention: “For the couple looking to get it on: ‘The Smoking Jacket.’ This cocktail was actually developed by Lacey Murillo from 1886 bar. It consists of Pot Still Irish Whiskey, demerara syrup, tobacco bitters, maple wood smoke, and orange vanilla cream then dehydrated to look like ash. It's visually impressive and a bit of a ‘mindbender.’ It looks like fire and brimstone but the silky texture and warming feeling it gives will definitely put anyone in the mood. And for my special someone? That’s easy: A ‘Negroni Night In’ is always preferred to a night out on the town!”

Nicholas Vitulli of No Vacancy: “Since most girls like girly drinks the ‘Grey Goose and Vodka’ is extremely efficient. It’s got fresh pink grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, and London dry gin. However, for cocktail people I think that a well-made Martinez is quite possibly the sexiest drink in the world. For me: just a shot of good tequila.” For more lustworthy drinks, check out this month's Sex Issue, on newsstands now.

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