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Locavore Booze Hounds Rejoice! L.A. Scores Its Own Whiskey

Just in time for fall, downtown L.A.’s very own (and only) distillery, Greenbar Collective, will be cranking out a new whiskey line for release by year's end. Forbes broke the news that Greenbar will be adding Slowhand, an organic (so L.A.) white whiskey to its collection of organic bottled spirits, which already features TRU Organic Vodka and Crusoe Organic Rum

The whiskey’s label bears the mark of a California grizzly, and explains that the whiskey was “aged less than 10 minutes in oak casks,” which is what distinguishes it from its longer cask-aged counterpart (a brown version of Slowhand is planned for release in 2013). 

In a Q&A with Forbes, Greenbar Collective’s husband-wife duo Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew reveal that although white whiskeys can be a bit harsh (“drinking them is often a philosophical exercise,” says Mathew), Slowhand goes down smooth. “Since we begin with good quality, flavorful, real ingredients — and that’s what organic farming gives us — we can make a really tasty whiskey even at the white dog stage,” says Mathew. “Organic grains produce more flavor.” 

We’ll toast to that.  

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