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Our Ultimate National Taco Day Taco Guide

Today is National Taco Day! An official excuse to stuff our faces with tacos? Count us in. Los Angeles is the VERY best place to be on a day like this, and we’re ready to celebrate. We’ve compiled Los Angeles magazine’s very best taco coverage to help you decide where to get your asada, lengua, carnitas, and pescado on. 

Top 10 Mexican Restaurants

Our resident restaurant critic Patrick Kuh rounds up his ten favorite Mexican joints in Los Angeles. Highlights include modern tacos dishes featuring hearty mushrooms, corn, and squash from Loteria Grill Hollywood and the tantalizing fish tacos from Taco’s Ensenada Seafood. 

Cheap Eats: Mexican Edition

While Los Angeles has its fair share of gourmet spins on Mexican food (Malo, anyone?) the street stuff is where it’s at. Los Angeles has some of the greatest street tacos around (see our 48-hour taco crawl below), and our Cheap Eats guide to Mexican food shows you how to have a fiesta in your belly without breaking the bank. 

Aziz Ansari’s Three Favorite Tacos 

Parks and Rec’s Aziz Ansari has become a true foodie since moving to L.A. a few years back, with a special affinity for south of the border cuisine. He recommends his top 10 eateries, three of which are Mexican. His favorites include the sampler from Guisados, “different from any tacos I’ve had in L.A.,” he says, fish tacos from Ricky’s, which he deems “unbelievable,” and suadero mulita from the Taco Zone Truck, the first taco truck he went to when he moved to L.A.

Local Chefs Share Their Favorite Mexican Food in L.A.

If you want taco advice from culinary professionals, look no further. We asked some of L.A.’s most beloved chefs for their favorite taco finds. Quinn Hatfield (Hatfield’s) recommends the molleja tacos (“veal sweet breads”) from King Taco, David Myers (Comme Ca) craves the carnitas tacos from the Rose Avenue Taco Truck, and Richard Sandoval (Zengo) loves the tacos de cochinita pibil at Paco's Tacos.

Taco Truck Map

Before you found a gourmet food truck on nearly every busy street in L.A., there were the “roach coaches,” the real taco trucks serving up authentic Mexican grub. Our handy map helps you find the best taco truck in your ‘hood.  

48-Hour L.A. Taco Crawl 

For our Mexican Food issue, Bill Esparza took us on a gut-busting 48-hour taco crawl through the Mexican-food-mecca of America. The street-food savvy blogger packed 10 noteworthy finds into two days, and showed us some hidden gems we never would have found on our own. 

Midtown Lunch 2-Hour Taco Crawl 

Ok, this one isn’t ours, but it’s still one of the best crawls we’ve seen. Leave it to Midtown Lunch’s Zach Brooks to find the most efficient way to fill our bellies with tacos. From Los Feliz to Boyle Heights, take an extra long lunch break (Brooks claims you can hit all five in two hours) and traverse some of the greatest taco institutions Los Angeles has to offer, including Ricky’s Fish Tacos and Mexicali Taco & Co.