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The Food Event: Meet the Chefs – Jeff Mahin

The seventh annual Los Angeles magazine Food Event takes place on Sunday, October 21, and once again we couldn’t be prouder of the stellar line-up of restaurants. To whet your appetite, we caught up with some of our guest chefs to find out what they’ll be making and what they are most excited to see at the event—that includes the zebras and camels. Get tickets and more information.

Chef Jeff Mahin 

Stella Rosa 

1. What other restaurant are you looking forward to seeing at the event?

The list this year is great. I have yet to try some of the restaurants on the list, so I am excited to see what they are doing. And some of the other restaurants, I am great friends with so it will be good to see them and try their food.  

2. Have you decided what you will be serving? If not, what kinds of things do you have to take into account when choosing a dish to serve to 3,000 people at an outdoor event.

I haven’t yet decide what I am making... what do I take into account for cooking for 3000 people? That I should probably have my fair share of caffeinated beverages that morning. I have a great team of people, and whether it is cooking for 10 or 3000 I trust them to be consistent and treat each dish going out as if it were the only dish they were serving that day. 

3. What fall ingredient currently has you inspired? 

All of the different varieties of pumpkin - good for pizza topping

4. Quick, what is the last thing you ate? 

Greek yogurt, out of a deli container 

5. Saddlerock Ranch-resident Camel vs. Zebra: who wins?

Camel for sure, they’re on my top 5 most dangerous animals list