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Good or Gross? Wine Milkshakes

We've heard of spiked milkshakes—heck, we prefer that there’s a little booze in just about every frozen beverage. But we’re having some reservations about the latest alcoholic shake concoction from local burger chain, the Counter: wine milkshakes. Like, milk with wine.

The new flavors include Pinot Noir with cherries, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, sweet white wine with fresh peach nectar and vanilla ice cream, and sparkling white wine with orange juice and vanilla ice cream.

Is it just us, or does the thought of red wine and milk together make your tummy curdle? Then again, we do love wine. And we suppose cheese, another dairy product, is exceptionally good with wine. So, how bad could it be? Why don’t you try one and let us know. No, no, really—you first. We’ll wait.

The shakes are currently available at the Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Century City, Toluca Lake, El Segundo, and Torrance and Hermosa Beach Counter locations. Happy sipping.



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