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Fast Food Makeover

The face of fast food is changing. Or at least, it’s trying to. In the last week, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Burger King have all made moves to alter their image, shifting away from grease-covered meat and French fries and toward a healthier, more upscale-ish menu. Some attempts have been more successful than others (we’re looking at you Bacon Sundae). But we think the collective intention behind them is a good thing. Here's the beef:

Taco Bell is creating a new menu called “Cantina Bell” to be released in July. They’ve teamed up with Top Chef Masters participant Lorena Garcia to come up with a menu based around “fresher” grilled chicken, cilantro rice, guacamole, and grilled corn salsa.

• Over the past year, Burger King has added a slew of healthier options to their menu, undeniably a great thing. But among the good-for-you wraps and salads is a new summer special that is decidedly unhealthy and proud of it: the bacon ice cream sundae. In an attempt to appear on top of American food fads, Burger King is chasing the tired bacon-in-your-dessert trend. Reactions have been mixed, ranging from deeply insulted, to mocking, to accepting and defensive. We’re just kind of grossed out.

• As reported by Eater, on a recent press trip to Cleveland, the senior director of culinary innovation at McDonald’s said he “didn’t see anything on [their] menu that was unhealthy.” He claimed diners were responsible for their own diets. “I’m sure I could eat a 2,000 calorie meal at Thomas Keller’s French Laundry,” he added. The company has also recently released commercials emphasizing their connection to farmers, as opposed to the usual kids digging into French fry-packed happy meals.

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