The Hunger Games

There are no small actors, only small plates. Here’s the skinny on who feasts and who fasts on the social circuit

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John Hawkes
The lean indie actor bellies up to the buffet like a starving artist.



Leonardo DiCaprio
He loves to nosh, so waiters in the know bring the trays to Leo.



Samuel L. Jackson
Jackson may be a fury onscreen, but at parties he’s a polite grazer.



Halle Berry
Catwoman often passes on steak in favor of beefcake Olivier Martinez.



Ryan Seacrest
Where there’s a will, there’s no wheat. The über- host feeds off public attention.

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  1. Lewis

    May 10, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    If it works for them then all the best! I personally cannot go on without meat.