The Dude Would Approve


I go to The Beverly Hilton for parties … a lot. When an invite came my way to celebrate the Aqua Star Pool, which got a redesign by designer Estee Stanley, I had to show up. I wasn’t alone. Lea Michele, Sophia Bush, Whitney Port and Minka Kelly and a couple hundred others joined me to sip Trader Vic’s drinks (one bowl, four straws), Veev and check out the mod new look. It’s light and summery with the staff wearing Lacoste attire. Everything is white and with a few shots of color and the firepits made me smile. There’s something that looks like a giant bowling ball in the middle of the fire in each square glass pit (a blue crystal ball?) surrounded by four smaller ones. It’s like a Jeff “The Dude” Leibowski fever dream and it is mesmerizing. I stared at it like it would reveal something, maybe the ghost of jolly Merv Griffin (the hotel’s onetime owner) would appear (he didn’t). The hotel was also serving nitro ice cream.  Another fine trend. Can’t wait to see what HBO does to the space for their annual Golden Globes soiree.

Photographs by Michael Kovac / WireImage

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  • Sue de Fraine

    As always a good report… how was the nitro then???