Smells Like Indy Spirit (And That New Car Smell)


The Lincoln Motor Company, Film Independent, and Vanity Fair magazine threw a cool bash at Raleigh Studios to screen short films created by Jacob Hatley (Factory of Dreams), Dana Turken (A Likely Story), and Nick Citton & David Ariniello (The Incident). Rodrigo Garcia (award-winning film writer, producer and director) gave the emerging filmmakers advice while they reimagined Hollywood themes like heist, noir, and screwball comedy. They screened the films after serving cocktails and fried balls of mac and cheese (never a bad idea), and a Q&A with Film Independent President Josh Welsh (that’s him in the button photo, if you didn’t know) took place afterward.

The party went down amongst classic and new Lincolns at the legendary studio. My fave ride? The late Elizabeth Taylor’s Lincoln Mark II was on display. It is the color of her eyes—a blue so deep it is purple. If a car can be stunning, that 1958 beaut sure is. Each film featured a Lincoln in some way. Have a look.


Photographs courtesy Getty Images



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