Prediction: George Clooney And Danica Patrick—It’s A Thing!


Do you remember that one time when I handicapped picks for George Clooney’s next gal pal? Well, buh-bye Stacy Keibler, Hello Danica Patrick? I hit the ESPY Awards the other night and who comes out to present walking solemnly and with great ceremony but Danica Patrick (one of my picks for the next Clooney girlfriend) and Don Cheadle. Why am I patting myself on the back? Cheadle and Clooney go way back (including three Ocean 11 movies) and it’s just like he was handing Patrick on over to his good friend Clooney. It’s just a bit of a coincidence that the two were paired together. It’s six degrees of Kevin Bacon—he was also at the ESPYS—but that might be one too many theories. Danica, give Clooney a spin after Ricky Stenhouse—I’m sure it will be the best two to four years of your life.

Photograph courtesy Rich Arden / ESPN Images
Clooney photograph courtesy Jennifer Fujikawa

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