Partying On Sunset Boulevard


Last night RivaBella Restaurant opened in West Hollywood (in the space that used to be—sniff, sniff—Hamburger Hamlet) to a crowd who’d received an invite that read “cocktail attire required.” Nice idea, actually, everyone looked fabulous and the opening attracted celeb-u-types like: Samuel L. Jackson, Dr. Dre, and Mayor V who all stopped in to get a taste of Chef Gino Angelini’s grub. The restaurant is a scene (from IDG who also own BOA across the street and Katana, etc) with a gorgeous (and large) wood patio and a smart inside space. Like most restaurant openings, the bites were few and far between. After awhile, the “cocktail attired” began to gather around the kitchen door in search of prosciutto. I nursed a fine drink (hibiscus something) and watched hungrily as a platter came out to Samuel L. Jackson. Hey, I can actually be cool. I stopped myself from asking him for a little taste. The party went into the night (great crowd – check out the pictures) which might have been while they were trying not to run out of tidbits. I’m sure more canapés made it to the throng but I had another stop down the street.

Party two: At the cringe-worthy named Pink Taco. I covered the opening of the PT in Century City years ago, which I remember got shut down by an authority of some kind before it was officially over. It happens. Folks like Dennis Hof (owner of The Bunny Ranch) and some rockers at that one. Last night was a tamer shindig at the Sunset restaurant put on by Svedka Vodka—a 90’s Valentine’s Day Throwback Bash. There was a Blossom reunion on the carpet with Miyam Bialik and Joey Lawrence showing up to reminisce. AND there was a Saved By The Bell get together between Mario Lopez and Mr. Belding (aka Dennis Haskins). Other 90’s peeps included Lance Bass, Ashlee Simpson, Daphne Zuniga and Tatyana Ali. Debbie Gibson performed (I have Only In My Dreams stuck in my head right now) as did All-4-One (I Swear) which got Gibson and Bass slow dancing.

Last stop: Dinner at Loteria Grill. Fried cheese is good at any time of night.

Photographs: RivaBella by Getty Images for RivaBella; SVEDKA by Michael Simon/









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  • Sue de Fraine

    I can “dress cocktail”, nice bites too. Good bash and report….well that is to be expected!