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My LA To Z: Courtney And Carter Reum

The brothers and co-founders of VeeV acai spirits and VitaFrute cocktails find L.A. to be—dare we say it?—"neat." Here they spill their top shelf locales, including hidden date spots, Instagrammable Farmers' Markets, and where to sweat out their low-cal libations



The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room

It’s a Scottish bar in Atwater Village that’s got a great gastro-pub vibe. One of the best burgers in town, for sure. I just get mine plain, but it’s darn tasty. As for a favorite drink, I’m a little biased—they have a VeeV and bourbon cocktail with some brandy cherries that’s pretty delicious.

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The Fountain Coffee Room

It’s a classic. There are only 19 chairs, and you never know who you’re going to pull up next to—you can always count on some interesting people, celebrity or civilian. I saw Nicole Kidman there the other day, John Malkovich, Warren Beatty. The pancakes are super fluffy and the chef is right in front of you, so it’s fun to watch him make your food. It’s a great experience, but then the bill comes and you’re like, “Oh, $70 bucks for breakfast for two? Seems a little pricey!” But it’s worth it.

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California Polo Club

On Saturdays this guy Ebe will teach you how to ride a horse and hit a polo ball. I have very good stick work, they tell me, but the horse-riding part is a whole other deal. They also do potluck lunches and picnics. And the photo you get of you riding a horse is priceless.

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Beverly Glen Farmers’ Market

This one is kind of hidden because it’s up on Beverly Glen and Mulholland. It has all the essentials in terms of good flowers, juices, things like that. I always get some homemade kombucha. And I get a three-pack of berry assortments—it Instagrams well.

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Alex Maine

As a guy you just need your basics: V-necks, sweatshirts, good-fitting pants, all those fun things. This place has all those things, and they’re American-made. It’s a good one for a lazy guy who doesn’t like to shop.

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TOMS Flagship Store

The one thing that people don’t know is that their coffee is even better than their shoes. Even if you don’t need a pair of TOMS you can spend a few hours drinking the coffee and soaking in the atmosphere. They have a little pressed juicery there, too. I order a latte with an extra shot and almond milk—come on, this is L.A.

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Bouchon Bistro Movies In The Park

They do movies in the park in the courtyard of the Montage. They tend to be films like Casablanca or Moulin Rouge. Bouchon is right there, too, so you can get a quick bite if you didn’t bring a picnic with. Just bring a blanket, or a lawn chair if you want to go super old school.

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Stand Up Paddleboarding

I’ve got to be honest, there’s no better way to wake up in the morning than getting in the cold water and feeling that salt on you. Stand up paddleboarding happens Saturday mornings in the Marina Del Rey harbor. It’s super calm—you can just rent equipment and go in the marina, and then go out to the ocean or the canals. It’s kind of like pick your own adventure.

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  1. Cameron posted on 09/08/2013 09:14 PM
    I love the LA-to-Z column, but have to say that these particular feature puts the wrong taste in my mouth. It's an obvious promotion vehicle for VeeV and I think there should be more separation between content and advertising.
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