My LA to Z: Rodrigo Santoro

The Brazilian-born star of “300,” “Heleno,” and “Love Actually” reveals his prime surfing spot and the Italian restaurant that serves up pasta reminiscent of his father’s cooking

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Venice Beach

It depends who is visiting from out of town, but I like to take some visitors to Venice. It reminds me of a wild place. There is an eclectic crowd and it has great little restaurants and stores along the boardwalk.

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Toi on Sunset

When I am in town, I love to help myself to Asian cuisine. I really like Thai and the loud, rock-‘n’-roll feel of Toi, which is something you only find in L.A.

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The Getty Villa

My mother was an artist, so I have always enjoyed art—painting and sculptures. I go there about once a month. It’s a great place to bring a book and I am particularly fond of the little theater there.

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El Matador State Beach

I really enjoy surfing and have been surfing since I was a teen in Rio. It’s therapeutic and forces you to live in the moment.  El Matador has a beautiful landscape and it is one of my favorite spots to surf.



The Grove

I am partial to the Grove. I like going there during the holiday season. There is something about the lighs, the music, the bookstores that really appeals to me.

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I am half Italian. The hand made pasta they have comes close to the homemade food my father would make. Their pasta with marinara is basic, yet so fresh.

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