My LA to Z: Fran Drescher

The actress on where she goes for Italian food, her secret to great hair, and where she gets her nature fix

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Fran Drescher, who we all know as The Nanny, has lived in Malibu for about twelve years. “It seems like a long time, but it went by so fast and I’ve never had a boring day here,” says the actress. She just returned to television with The Fran Drescher Show on KTTV FOX. 
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The Troubadour

I’m very plugged into music, and I love the Troubadour. I saw Nikka Costa there, and she was amazing. I have a very eclectic taste in music, and love all different kinds of music. I will see everything from classical to ska. I was totally into Black Eyed Peas for some time.

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Solstice Canyon

I love to hike, and Solstice Canyon is amazing. It has running water all year round and trees everywhere! The hiking trail goes in a loop, and it’s just so beautiful. Best of all, there are bathrooms, which is good for when I hike with my cousin because she has a small bladder. Once in a while, I’ll go on a date there, but usually I go hiking with my girlfriends that live nearby.

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Chris McMillan the Salon

I just got my hair cut by Chris McMillan. Chris used to do my hair all the time when I was working on The Nanny. Now that I’m starting the talk show, I want him to style my hair again.

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Chateau Marmont

For my hip out-of-towner friends, I like taking them to the Chateau Marmont. It still remains exclusive. I like that it has a great style to it and how it isn’t pretentious. It’s comfortable, and I like sitting out on the terrace or in the lobby with my friends if it’s cold. When I’m there, I know that people aren’t going to come up to my table and ask if I can take a picture, which I don’t always mind, but the privacy is nice.

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Ralph Lauren

Beverly Hills is a great place to just walk around, shop, and eat with my girlfriends. I like to shop at the Ralph Lauren store there. They have great clothes

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Mr. Chow

Another Beverly Hills favorite! It’s got great food, and a great vibe to it.

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Burke Williams

My reflexologist tends to come to the house. But I do like Burke Williams and have gone there from time to time.

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I really love Capo. They serve Italian food, but they have an open-fire grill, so their steaks are to die for. The rigatoni with a truffle meat sauce is off the scale! I also love their incredible dairy-free soup. I used go there often with my ex, so I haven’t been back too often, but I try to go at least once a week. It’s a great place that’s perfect for special occasions. It’s also just nice to sit at the bar with a friend or a date.

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