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  • Daniel Schindel

    Dan Schindel has been living and working in Los Angeles for two years. His writing about film has appeared in Movie Mezzanine, ScreenPicks, Nonfics, and Paste Magazine, among other publications. He spent a year watching and reviewing a documentary every day, so now he knows everything.


Sundance NEXT Fest Tunes Up for a Musical Weekend

In its second year, the indie cinema showcase tries to find its identity at the intersection of music and film. How’s that working? Read more...

Reel Words: The Week’s Best Movie Writing

Stop cheering for Lucy as a “strong female character,” the down and dirty truth about Harvey Levin, celebs who keep creating from beyond the grave, and more Read more...

Reel Words: The Death of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Chinese Sex Flicks, and the Lives of Badass Female Stunt Doubles

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Death, Memory, and Really Great Movies: Roger Ebert Revealed in "Life Itself"

His wife, Chaz Ebert, and filmmaker Steve James discuss the new documentary about America’s most famous film critic Read more...

When He Wasn't Working in the ER, Ryan McGarry Was Making a Movie About It

The documentary Code Black, shot at County/USC, shines a light on one of the country’s busiest emergency rooms and a fragile health care system Read more...

Reel Words: The Secret Lives of Subtitlers, a Yellow Brick Mess, and More

The week’s best writing about movies includes tales of subtitlers, joke shillers, and filmmakers who reveal what they wish they’d known before they started shooting Read more...

A Few Potential Oscar Contenders from the L.A. Film Fest

The 20th edition of the festival has come and gone, but we expect to see a few of these films—especially the documentaries—resurface during awards season Read more...

Meet the Man Inside Big Bird

Carol Spinney has been playing the beloved Sesame Street character for 45 years; now he’s the subject of a documentary about his work Read more...

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