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Culture Shot: Kim Kardashian Outwits Baby Sellers

If you never thought you'd believe the words, "Kim Kardashian is smart," think again

WHAT: Figuring that her "friends" would try to peddle pix of her newborn, Kim Kardashian gave them fake images of baby girl North West (the name's a whole other story) to see who would sell her out.

VERDICT: Love it! It's a plot that feels ripped from a noir film--if there were Instagram and 24-hour tabloid news sites back in the black-and-white era. Plus, it makes us think Kim Kardashian is a very crafty, dare we say smart, lady. Unless it's all the doing of Kris Jenner...

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  1. Xavier J posted on 06/26/2013 03:42 PM
    How is this crafty? If anything it comes across as hypocritical. Isn't she the one who acquired her fame through a "leaked" sex tape? If any thing this sounds like just another grab at attention since she's really famous for nothing at all.

    She made her fame by selling herself. Perhaps she shouldn't surround herself with people who are like her in that they'll do nothing short of getting fame by selling their "friendship" out via having the inside source in a stupid picture.
    1. Conrad posted on 07/21/2013 07:56 PM
      @Xavier J Not really her dad was know because of the oj simpson case plus ryan secrest was a famliy friend
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