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Saturday Light Fever: Here Comes The Glow

The Glow Festival taking place on September 28 at Santa Monica Beach illuminates the night with works that are beyond trippy. Here’s what to expect from four participating artists

Photograph by William Short

ARTIST: Shana Koenig
MEDIUM: Hanging sculptures of interwoven LED lights and crystals
FEELS LIKE: Bioluminescent invertebrates dancing on your face

ARTIST: Rebeca Méndez
Video projections of Iceland’s landscapes mixed with images of Santa Monica Beach
A massive moon rolling over you à la the boulder in Indiana Jones

ARTIST: Steven Hull
A giant model train with 15-foot sculptures of a ghost and sea maiden
Riding on an afterlife Amtrak train tear- ing through a postapocalyptic cityscape

ARTIST: Aphidoidea
Large, undulating quartzlike lights perched atop poles
Living beneath a sky of Q*bert cubes and oversize glass mushrooms

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  1. Tracy R. posted on 10/18/2013 03:00 AM
    Its real amazing to be a part of this Glow Festival, it must been real fantasizing with night glow lights.
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