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L.A.'s Best September Music Residencies

It's back to school—the school of rock, that is—for bands in the Los Angeles area, as musicians try out new songs, celebrate milestones, and keep the drinks flowing at these free (or low-cost) residencies in September. Read more...

Moby Dick Beaches Itself on L.A.'s Shores: 5 Ways to Cram for the Book

Save the excuses. We know you didn’t read Moby Dick. That’s why we’ve put together a cheat sheet to prepare you for the “What Ever Happened to Moby Dick?” event series. Read more...

Ink Well: Artist Shizu Saldamando Goes Solo

From the tattoo parlor to the museum, artist Shizu Saldamando has a classicist’s eye for punk Read more...

DO: ART: Gabe Bartalos: Abhorrence and Obsession

Gabe Bartalos is Matthew Barney’s special effects guru. A new exhibition at Cal State Long Beach’s art museum features his grotesque and evocative sets, masks, and sculptures. Read more...

Breaking Bad: Who's Having an A-1 Day?

Is it just us or are those neo-Nazis the worst shots since the Stormtroopers in Star Wars? Read more...

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