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Music Video: Cross My Heart Hope To Die - "Rollercoasting"

Walking backwards through Tokyo

Trippy, ominous, languid, cinematic. All these words have been used to describe the sound of Cross My Heart Hope To Die, a musical collaboration between DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill, singer Brevi, and producer Andrew Kline.

The video for "Rollercoasting," which was shot in Tokyo by Uchujin Films, features people walking--sometimes forward, sometimes backward--into parking garages, onto the subway, in parks, in strip malls. Their faces are occasionally blurred; flashes of light sometimes interrupt their progress. And all of it is set to strange, looping, predatory beats that evoke the high-pitched haze of an altered state of mind--just before the paranoia sets in. This is not your average ride.

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  1. Steve posted on 07/16/2013 06:26 PM
    Cool video and great song!
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