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Music Video Monday: Paul F. Tompkins - "Skyfall"

Is it comedy? Is it art? Who knows -- or cares?

This isn't a traditional music video. It doesn't have outlandish costumes, slick editing, and a hot singer lip syncing to a playback of their own song. It does, however, have dancing girls. It also has comedian Paul F. Tompkins (in a fantastic striped suit that makes him looks like the lead singer of a Las Vegas barbershop quartet) belting out "Skyfall," the theme from the latest James Bond flick, at a recent live show at Largo.

He's no Adele, but Tompkins has suprisingly good pipes. Is it comedy? Not in the traditional sense of the word, but as one wag commented on YouTube: "I think the laughter is just the delight and surprise at a full-on straight presentation of the song."

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