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<em>Frankie Go Boom</em>: Top 5 Los Angeles Quotes

We admit it: We only watched 3, 2, 1... Frankie Go Boom to hear charming Bridesmaids actor Chris O’Dowd say a dirty word or two. (Okay, and to see Ron Perlman in drag.) The film stars Charlie Hunnam as Frank, an average guy who has been bullied and embarrassed by his brother Bruce (O'Dowd) -- usually on film -- his entire life. After Bruce gets off drugs and turns his life around, things should be different. They aren't. Enter Perlman as their transgender dad, Lizzy Caplan as Frankie's love interest and Chris Noth as her father, a recovering alcoholic and once a succesful actor. The film is a ribald, heartfelt comedy, but we were most tickled by the local truisms -- some rarely verbalized, others overused -- peppered into the dialogue. Here are our 5 favorites from the indie film, which hits theaters today. We hope you never feel bad about your inability to swim again. 

 1. “Writing books you never finish is masturbation, Frank.”
--Frank’s mom (Nora Dunn) calling Frank out on his “writing” excuse

 2. “‘ACTION! CUT! ACTION! CUT! Fucking, ACTION!’ ... That’s directing, my friend.”
--Bruce (Chris O’Dowd) explaining the complexities of directing

 3. “I can’t swim. I never have. I don’t like water. Can’t even drink the stuff.”
--Bruce’s excuse for being unable to retrieve Frank’s sex tape from the pool

 4. “Why aren’t you in a car? This is LA. Nobody walks here.”
--Lassie (Lizzy Caplan), Frank’s love interest, after she runs into Frank on her bike

 5. “Drugs and alcohol cost me my career as a movie star.”
-- Jack (Chris Noth) at an AA meeting

And just for kicks:
“Lots of angels, zero sex.”
*--A producer describing his cinematic vision
(A top movie quote because you’ll never actually hear it spoken.)

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