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    Anthony Miller is a writer, critic, and an editor-at-large of the literary journal Black Clock. He has written about books, film, and other cultural obsessions and ephemera for Bookforum, LA Weekly, Los Angeles CityBeat, East Bay Express, Poets & Writers, and other publications. He is a contributor to the pop culture website HiLobrow.


Writers on the Storm

Teenage wild child-turned-writing teacher Judy Huddleston releases her second memoir about her time with Jim Morrison. It's the latest entry in a genre written by critics, paramours, and bandmates. Read more...

Roberto Bolaño: Beyond the Myth

Last night at ALOUD, you could see at least one small sign of a revolution as nearly everyone was paging through a little red book—not Mao’s but Roberto Bolaño’s. Read more...

The Hidden Henry Fonda

Today is Henry Fonda’s 108th birthday. In "The Man Who Saw A Ghost: The Life and Work of Henry Fonda," published last October, author Devin McKinney chronicles the death-haunted world of an iconic actor whose most famous screen roles as protectors, presidents, and patriarchs mask a far more complex figure. Read more...

How to Celebrate Pynchon in Public Day in L.A.

Happy tidings on Pynchon in Public Day, a holiday that book nerds celebrate by publicly reading the works of Thomas Pynchon. Read more...

A Field Guide to History's Weirdest Weapons

Need to know the difference between an arquebus and a blunderbuss, a kwan dao and a falx, an onager and a trebuchet? Of course you do. Read more...

Philip Roth: Unmasked -- Not Really

Airing tonight on PBS, "Philip Roth: Unmasked" offers a closer look at Roth and his world of agita and rage, of libido and ego run amok, but the portrait feels far from definitive. Read more...

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