Chris Pine Treks To The Chrysalis Butterfly Ball


“I love you guys, unfortunately not enough to cross the 405,” Director Jon Favreau joked via video to writer/producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci who received accolades from Chrysalis along with fellow honorees Josh Lieberman (CAA) and Katherine Pope (Prez of Television for Chernin Entertainment). The speeches and videos are terrific and star-studded with Chris Pine and Colin Farrell presenting awards in the flesh, but the most moving speech came from Chrysalis client Johnny Gutierrez. “I thought I was going to handle it better,” he said choking back tears talking about how the nonprofit changes his life. I’ve covered Chrysalis for years, and went to a to-do at their downtown location not too long ago. It’s an org that provides the resources and support for low income and homeless folks. Also, like Homeboy Industries, it also helps ex-cons find a new life. One of their many mottos is: “A hand up, not a hand out.”


The fabulous did show up to honor do-gooder entertainment folk. Who did cross the 405 to party on the lawn of Susan Harris and Hayward Kaiser’s fabu pad in the Palisades? J.J. Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath (her heels sinking into the sod), Lea Michele, Russell Simmons, Max Greenfield (he hosted), Rebecca Gayheart-Dane (she started this bash years ago), Chris Pine, and Colin Farrell. Farrell presented an award to his longtime agent Lieberman who helped him appreciate Jewish traditions, “I’ve been to Shabbat dinners…unlevened all the way for me…and to his son’s bris—never getting over that one.”



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