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A Serial Killer In Suburbia

One of the most violent criminals in California history was never caught—and may still be out there. As an ice-cold case heats up again, one L.A. crime blogger joins the manhunt

By Michelle McNamara

theessentials_masa_tONLINE EXCLUSIVE: The Writer's Cut

Some of the most graphic details about the crimes committed by the Golden State Killer aren't in the magazine story. Read those details, along with extended content about his victims, here Read

The Victims


A slide show of crime scene and case photos Read

The crime spree


A map and timeline of the Golden State Killer's crimes Read

The Five Most Popular Myths About the Golden State Killer Case


Case followers have come up with plenty of theories on the Golden State Killer over the years. Michelle McNamara makes a case for why five of them don’t add up Read

What We Know


A physical description, signature behaviors, and previously unreleased evidence—what authorities know now Read

Hear the Killer


Hang-up phone calls to his victims were a big part of the Golden State Killer’s m.o. On at least two occasions, his voice was caught on tape Read

Hear the Killer


Hear Los Angeles magazine deputy editor Nancy Miller and writer Michelle McNamara discuss the making of “In the Footsteps of a Killer,” how the wife and mother became an unlikely expert on one of California’s most violent uncaught criminals, and new details of the cold case that’s suddenly heating up Read


1/22/14: Was the Golden State Killer a Cowboy?
9/9/13: Investigators have a new lead in the Golden State Killer case
3/25/13: Investigators have released a third recording believed to be of the Golden State Killer's voice.
3/7/13: From new case insights to the response from those who remember some of the Golden State Killer's early crimes, writer Michelle McNamara shares the latest on the revved-up manhunt for one of California's most violent criminals.

How You Can Help

Investigators believe there is a good chance the Golden State Killer is still alive—and they want your help. Here authorities are publicizing previously unreleased evidence to trigger the lead they need to identify a man who’s eluded them for three decades. If you have any additional information or insights to report, investigators want to hear from you.

Manhunt: Where to Submit Tips

  • Orange County:
  • Sacramento:
  • Please keep tips brief and include any relevant information. Please note that investigators may be unable to get back to each tipster, but all submissions will be read and processed.

About Michelle McNamara, Writer of "In The Footsteps of a Killer"

theessentials_masa_tIt was real-life monsters that haunted me as a kid, like the unknown man who murdered my neighbor the summer I was 14. I have an MFA in fiction writing and have worked as a writer in various genres—online animation, TV—but I never lost my fascination with true crime stories. The ever-growing information available on the Internet allowed me to delve deeper into those mysteries. In 2006, I founded my Web site, Truecrimediary.com, after I decided the investigating I was doing to satisfy my own curiosity might be better shared. But it’s this particular case of a mysterious, largely forgotten man who terrorized the state of California for a decade that has gripped me like no other. He has a name, and like many others I know absorbed by this puzzle, I won’t sleep soundly until I know it.