3 Hidden Artifacts of L.A. Past

What’s done is done, what’s gone is gone. One of life’s lessons is always moving on…but let us not forget these L.A. treasures of a time gone by

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In 1770, Father Juan Crespi and Gaspar de Portolà were on the arroyo in the future South Pasadena. With Easter upon them, they carved a cross in an oak and held the first service in California. Or so legend has it. A cross marks where the oak once stood. » 430 Arroyo Dr., South Pasadena.


That’s what the sculptural sign says. Camouflaged under a tree on a bland strip of business park, it marks the area where the set for 1927’s King of Kings stood. It became the gates for 1932’s King Kong before standing in as a flaming Atlanta in Gone with the Wind. » 8620 Hayden Pl., Culver City.


You’ll find them in the Chateau Marmont’s Gothic salon: seven brass buttons scattered about. See that one by the lamp? Press it, and a staffer materializes to fetch that sticky toffee pudding you’ve been craving. » 8221 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood.

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