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  1. Baco Mercat

    408 S. Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 See Map
    Josef Centeno’s umlaut-bedecked flagship has all the Moroccan bistilla and Provençal brandade you could want, and the menu weds Catalan, Italian, and Abkhazian ingredients.
  2. Bar Celona

    46 E. Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 91105 See Map
    Here's an Old Town spot worth a detour. The room's done in the black-and-red theme that's shorthand for Spain…
  3. Bar Pintxo

    109 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90401 See Map
    While other chefs see Spain's storied cuisine as a point of departure, Miller lets bold flavors, like a smoked paprika vinaigrette or an aged sherry vinegar, conjure a nation...
  4. Barbrix

    2442 Hyperion Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027 See Map
    A meal at this nonchalant wine bar might be composed of jamon iberíco, a few grilled stalks of chile-spiked broccolini, and a lemony nest of chitarra with pencil-thin asparagus.
  5. Black Hogg

    2852 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 See Map
    Silver Lake has always tilted more farro than flesh. With Black Hogg, the neighborhood’s carnivores have something to hone their canines on.