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Bootblack Bob

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4219 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90029 323-669-9472


Best Gay Bar Boot Shine, August 2008

Boystown’s finest do a lot of strutting; it follows that boots get scuffed. Where better to remedy the situation than at a bar, cocktail in hand? That’s the logic behind a new breed of boot shine services. Our favorite resident shiner goes by the name Bootblack Bob, an eight-year veteran of the craft, at the Eagle. Climb atop the deep black leather throne (watch out for the spiderweb made from chains), then give your Doc Martens the benefit of Bob’s meticulous technique, which starts with a vigorous lather followed by a firm leather massage. When it’s over, your old boots will be ready for a raucous night of walking and (perhaps) knocking.