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2546 E. Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 91107 626-396-0843


Best of LA, August 2006

Whether you are the restoration architect painstakingly rebuilding lost and damaged lamps and chandeliers from the 1914 Greene & Greene-designed Culbertson House or you just want the Spanish sconces in your duplex liberated from their paint prison, Jason McFarland at Old Pasadena Vintage Lighting is the experts' choice. McFarland researches the history of your piece in his personal collection of period catalogs, and then through reverse engineering and by using the tools and techniques of craftsmen before him, he resorts to such lost arts as German plating or polychrome finishing to restore the sheen of vintage fixtures. “I know what's appropriate,” says McFarland. “An 1895 fixture is very different from a 1903 one.”

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