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2160 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90041 323-258-5600


Best Kid-Friendly Coffeehouse, February 2006

The espresso at Swork is a full-throated creature that demands respect from aficionados, and the coffeehouse's free wi-fi has laptoppers clicking away contentedly. But push past the caffeinated denizens and you'll find what may be the most palpably satisfied customers: toddlers romping around a cozy play area with children's books, building blocks, and wood trains. There's plenty to keep the whippersnappers busy while their parents recharge. Talk about multitasking. Swork, which has a branch in Eagle Rock and another in Montrose, supplements the usual array of bean-based drinks with gelati, shakes, and kids' quaffs formulated with enough gourmet vanilla and chocolate to have them running circles around the most overstimulated parent.