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Best Outdoor Furniture, August 2013

New and abundant around Memorial Day, dinged and picked over by Labor Day. Such is the story of patio furniture at most home decor outlets. Room & Board, however, understands that Angelenos can—and often do—host alfresco Thanksgiving feasts and New Year's garden parties. The 40,000-square-foot Helms Bakery showroom maintains a year-round spot for outdoor furnishings. Along with sundry accent tables, benches, ottomans, umbrellas, and fireplaces, there are eight customizable collections for every season. Choose from six powder-coat colors for steel and aluminum frames, three varieties of stone, four types of glass, and 16 Sunbrella fabrics. Outfitting the great outdoors here isn't cheap, but the (mostly) American-made pieces are built to last longer than an L.A. summer.

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