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  1. Beven Sangi

    Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA 90275 See Map
    Beven Sangi lavishes on Angelenos the same attention she gave such Beltway celebrities as Bob Dole and Lady Bird Johnson at her skin care practice in Washington, D.C.
  2. Old Beacon Street Fountain

    638 S. Beacon St. Los Angeles, CA 90731 See Map
    Plumber Luther Haws invented the drinking fountain in 1906 and installed the first one at a school in Northern California. Soon after, a fine neoclassical bubbler known as...
  3. Sunset Tan

    12050 Ventura Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 91604 See Map
    The advent of spray-on potions—the so-called sunless tan—is a testament not only to the increased awareness of those risks but also to the continued cachet of a tinted complexion…
  4. Yuki Fukaumi

    Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA 90013 See Map
    Proper eyelash extensions can take up to two hours—one of the reasons why a house call from Wink Los Angeles founder Yuki Fukaumi is an alluring alternative to a salon visit.