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  1. Above the Fold

    1257 3rd St. Promenade Los Angeles, CA 90401 See Map
    Need more proof that print is alive and well? Check out the rows of periodicals from around the globe at Above the Fold...
  2. Everything You Ever Wanted to Hear

    Los Angeles, CA See Map
    With sarcastic observations on human behavior, Andrea Shea's Everything You Ever Wanted to Hear reads like something Holden Caulfield might write…
  3. Finding Chinese Food in Los Angeles

    630 West 5th Street Los Angeles, CA 90071 See Map
    From Chaozhou cooking to Hong Kong-style coffeehouses, Carl Chu takes us on a tour of the local culinary scene in Finding Chinese Food in Los Angeles
  4. Good-bye to All That

    Available at bookstores Los Angeles, CA 90291 See Map
    Marco Candela's narrator in Good-bye to All That would never hit the beach herself. Raquel Azorian is too busy clawing her way up the ladder in the marketing department…
  5. Jonesy's Jukebox

    street Los Angeles, CA 90013 See Map
    Bollocks to set lists. Former Sex Pistol Steve Jones puts anarchy in L.A.'s lunchtime on Jonesy's Jukebox