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  1. Arroyo Seco

    1055 Lohman Ln. Los Angeles, CA 91030 See Map
    South Pasadena's Arroyo Seco miniature golf course is not big or elaborate like those theme-parky installations you see from the freeway…
  2. Bailey Canyon Park

    451 W. Carter Ave. Los Angeles, CA 91024 See Map
    Hollywood's popular Runyon Canyon offers us panoramas, celebrity sightings, and stargazing, but Bailey Canyon Park in Sierra Madre has our pooches scampering across rivulets…
  3. Beachwood Canyon

    Between 2872 and 2882 Belden Just before 2795 Woodshire Los Angeles, CA 90068 See Map
    Build granitelike glutes and take in the landscape as you hike the public staircases notched into the city’s hillsides. The string of stairways in...
  4. Belmont Shore

    Street Los Angeles, CA 90802 See Map
    When we're hanging out by the Granada boat launch in Long Beach, they're tough to miss: People in wet suits being yanked across the water by enormous half-moon kites
  5. Briarwood Park

    461 Almaden Ct. Los Angeles, CA 90077 See Map
    The general rule for play dates in the 310 and the 818 is that someone has to schlepp from one side of the hill to the other. If people only knew about Briarwood Park…