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101 Cheaps Eats

A saucy guide to all things discount and delicious in L.A.

Three years have passed since we scoured the city for 101 of the most delicious places to chow down—and well—for $15 or less. Since then L.A.’s economical eating terrain has only grown. We’ve built something of a reputation for being the ultimate cheap eats city, for having the most tummy-tempting selection of ethnic dives, gourmet trucks, taco stands, and burger joints in the country. With that in mind, Los Angeles magazine brings you a brand-new guide to 101 more of the most fabulous yet frugal meals our town has to offer. Wet-naps not included.

Photograph by Misha Gravenor
101 Cheap Eats
  • Barbecue/Southern

  • Burgers/Hot Dogs

  • 101 cheapeat: Chef picks

    Chef Picks

  • 101 cheapeat: chicken


  • Chinese

  • Hawaiian/Caribbean

  • Indian/Pakistani

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Mexican

  • Middle Eastern

  • 101:cheapeats: pizza


  • Sandwiches

  • Central/South American

  • Southeast Asian

  • 101 cheap eats:Wheel o' deals

    Wheel O' Deals

101 Cheap Eats
101 Cheap Eats

Low-End Theory

Why the deformalization of dining is saving us all
By Patric Kuh

101 Cheap Eats

The Rules

For his blog, Midtown Lunch, Zach Brooks dines for $10 or less. Here are his tips for pinching pennies while packing it in

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