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Pets: 5 Reptiles And How To Keep Them Happy

Scott Solar, co-owner of the Amazon Reptile Center in Montclair, knows that reptiles aren't easy to read. But you can make them smile, at least on the inside.

Photograph courtesy Flickr/ nezumichuu


ballpython2Ball Python
When Jim Morrison said, “The snake embodies everything we fear,” he likely wasn’t describing this even-tempered baby. For best results, create a soft bedding of wood shavings and remove any lively meals not consumed within ten minutes.


leopardgeckoLeopard Gecko
Re-creating the heat of its native region in a terrarium is one way to please this nocturnal creature. Another is feeding it newborn mice or live, vitamin-coated crickets.


goldengreektortoiseGolden Greek Tortoise
Despite the shell it uses for retreat, the tortoise loves to soak up the sun. Stock a 50-gallon bin with leafy greens and a shallow water dish (to prevent drowning), and place it outside.


beardeddragonBearded Dragon
The guy eats bugs: mealworms, silkworms, tomato worms, beetles (avoid the red and yellow ones). Like many lizards, the dragon benefits from UVB lamps, which help digestion and supply vitamin D.


pantherchameleonPanther Chameleon
This one’s to behold, not hold. House it in an aluminum cage with ficus and umbrella trees to maintain humidity. It prefers to be invisible—a pity, because it can look like Fruit Stripe gum.


Images courtesy of (in order): (1) Flickr/Squamata55, (2) wikipedia.org, (3) wikipedia.org, (4) wikipedia.org



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