The Out-of-Towners

At Venice Beach we talk to 6 of the 25.7 million tourists who visit L.A. every year


theessentials_masa_tTorrey Payne
Age 20, Virginia

What’s your daily budget? Not much—maybe like $20 a day. I’m a college student.
Have you had any great meals? Yeah, In-N-Out Burger. It’s pretty crack.
What were you expecting your first time here? A lot of hedonistic people who are caught up in trying to be highfliers and getting attention. 

theessentials_masa_tHiroshi Watanabe
Age 46, Japan

How long are you staying in Los Angeles? Three nights.
How much are you spending each day? $50.
What do you think about the traffic? There are many, many, many cars. But it’s like Tokyo, so no problem.
If you could see one famous person, who would it be? Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

theessentials_masa_tTiffany Curlew
Age 25, Australia

Why did you choose to visit Los Angeles?
The rate of exchange is good.
What do you think of the city so far? Everyone’s really friendly. Even the crazies.
Have you seen any celebrities? Bai Ling. She was telling the cameras how she wants to inspire the world. She sounded slightly delusional but awesome at the same time. 

theessentials_masa_tJames Uren & Meryl McGlone
Ages 27 and 28, Australia

How have people been treating you?
Meryl: Everyone’s friendly. Lots of strange people.
How does our public transit system compare with Melbourne’s? James: We’ve got a pretty low benchmark already. The buses are better, with the air-conditioning and stuff.
Have you had any good meals yet? James: We had a couple of beers last night at Hooters. 

theessentials_masa_tFiona Barlow
Age “over 25, under 65,” England

How have people here been treating you?
They’re very pleasant. We like the West Coast better than the East Coast. We came back here because people are friendlier and not so manic. Except for your drivers. They terrify me.
What’s the best thing you’ve seen so far? The hands and feet outside the Chinese Theatre. 

theessentials_masa_tVishal Bhula
Age 18, Davis, CA

What’s the best thing about L.A.?
There are so many restaurants and everything stays open late, which I really appreciate. In Davis everything closes at nine or ten.
Have you seen any celebrities? I saw Lauren Froderman, who won So You Think You Can Dance. She was near Westchester, just walking around.

Photographs by Dustin Snipes


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