How to Afford the L.A. Life: This is How We Roll

Our survey reveals how some Angelenos approach their dough

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3-D photo-illustrations by Comrade


45% surveyed make less than $50,000 a year

Of that group, 53% describe themselves as “scraping by”

32% make $50,000 to $100,000 a year

60% of that group say they are “Comfortable”

Yet 13% of them still want an extra annual $100,000


59% report they have no credit card debt

25% of those earning $250,000 a year report having debt


90% say having a car In L.A. is a must

85% consider a smart phone an essential

38% can’t live without their Netflix or spotify subscriptions

23% deem a morning latte a requirement


28% believe Truffle salt is worth the expense

64% say they’ll pay for Hollywood Bowl concert tickets

40% are willing to throw down for HBO


74% of respondents rent their home

94% of those renters pay less than $2,500 a month


40% have thought about leaving L.A. because it’s too expensive

The most popular alternate destination: Seattle

Afford LA LIfe

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