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Chefs of the Year: Three Others to Thank for That Memorable Meal


Phil Rosenthal

Investor In: Pizzeria/Osteria Mozza, Bouchon, Jar, Providence, Red Medicine, Umami Burger, 800 Degrees, the Hungry Cat, Tavern, Homeboy Bakery
Source of Funds: Creator of Everybody Loves Raymond
Philosophy: “Cooking is a valid art form. I really feel like I’m supporting the arts.”



Bill Chait

Partner In: Playa, Rivera, Picca, Sotto, Short Cake, Short Order
Source of Funds: Founder of Louise’s Trattoria
On Deck: Bestia, Mess Hall, Grace at Vibiana
Philosophy: “Chains are about homogeneity. Our chef-driven restaurants are the opposite taken to the extreme.”



Paul Hibler

Investor In: Pitfire Pizza, Superba Snackbar
Source of Funds: Catering business, Pitfire Pizza
On Deck: Superba Bread and Artisan Bakery
Philosophy: “I’m focused on gathering places that are casual and neighborhoody. I’m looking for sincerity—with that comes authenticity.”


Illustrations by Ed Fotheringham