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Skip This, Do That

Deciding between L.A.'s famous attractions just got easier

Skip This: Pink’s
Do That: Wurstküche

Skip This: Aquarium of the Pacific
Do That: Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Skip This:
Huntington Gardens
Do That: The Arboretum

Skip This:
The Greek
Do That: Largo at the Coronet

Skip This:
Big Bear
Do That: Mt. Baldy

Skip This:
Forest Lawn
Do That: Westwood Memorial

Skip This:
Olvera Street
Do That: Grand Central Market

Skip This:
Do That: Factor’s

Skip This:
Venice’s Main Street
Do That: Abbot Kinney

Skip This:
The Apple Pan
Do That: Pie ’n Burger

Skip This:
Do That: El Matador   

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