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Why I Love My CSA

For one home cook, having the farmers’ market goods selected for her is not just convenient, it’s inspiring

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Every Wednesday I pick up a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) bag for $25 at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, and every Wednesday I can’t wait to see what’s in my haul. By joining a CSA I’ve learned a lot about myself, like when life hands me a lot of kale—and then hands me some more—I’m forced to get creative. Part of the fun, in fact, is challenging myself to use everything in the bag.

Several neighborhood friends and I have a weekly competition to see who makes the best use of escarole or Patty Pan zucchini. Wouldn’t it be easier to pick out what I want at the farmers’ market myself? No question about it. But where’s the fun in that? What’s most valuable in my CSA loot is the stuff that I wouldn’t normally choose. And I’ve become a better cook for it.

My three-year-old son gets ridiculously excited about our booty when “Farmer Peter” talks about every fruit and vegetable going into our bag. And while he would probably rather be eating ice cream than crookneck squash, he has started asking for yellow carrots in his lunch box, which is worth any price.  

Three CSAs to check out:

1. CSA California

2. Silver Lake Farms 

3. South Central Farmers cooperative


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