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Street Scene: Invader

Photographs courtesy of Ashira Siegel 

Invader is in his own league, or galaxy. The French artist leaves his mark by putting up mosaic aliens- every one unique in pattern, color, and size. They tend to resemble the aliens in the arcade classic Space Invaders and he’s made an online map of the 35 city invasion. Consider LA well under attack.

Over the past decade, he has put up various mosaics across town- from LAX to Melrose to the Hollywood sign itself. As one of the most invaded areas, he published the book Invasion Los Angeles, which documents the work happening just in this city. Like the video game, every alien that goes up earns him a number of points.

“The act in itself is political, as 99% of the time I don't have authorization,” he says on his website. “Obviously there's the gaming aspect too, as I've spent the past eight years traveling from city to city with the sole objective of getting a maximum score.”

Besides the book and the global map, inquiring minds can find maps specific to most cities he has been through on his website. The LA map is very complete, and one must see spot is the gargantuan mosaic on Melrose and Alta Vista.
“I see [aliens] as a symbol of our era and the birth of modern technology, with video games, computers, the Internet, mobile phones, hackers and viruses,” he explains on the site. “And ‘space invader’ is a pretty good definition of what I'm doing... invading spaces!”

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