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Silent Summer

Time After Time

Divine Wisdom

Morning Edition

Several years ago the magazine began hosting breakfast conversations with Angelenos of interest. At my invitation Read more...

Walk This Way

A Well-Written Life

Regrets, I Have a Few

I don’t spend much time at sea—like, practically none—but I am an explorer. A few years ago, while driving back from a dinner at the old-school Dal Rae steak house in Pico Rivera, I pointed to the Commerce Casino and said to my husband, “We gotta go there at least once, right?” Read more...

Quake Hold

When I’m traveling and I tell someone I’m from L.A., I brace myself for the inevitable question: “Aren’t you afraid of earthquakes?” Of course I am. When you’re nice and cozy beneath the covers and suddenly your bed frame shakes you awake and you’re re-creating a scene from The Exorcist, it’s freaking terrifying. Read more...

The Trade Off

The movie business has faced challenges since the moment D.W. Griffith unfolded his director’s chair downtown in1913. Television was supposed to kill it off, then Betamax tapes and video games. None did, but the way we consume media (think binge watching) has taken its toll on the bottom line. Read more...

Make It a Mai Tai

For Marcel Proust a madeleine famously opened the floodgates of memory. A ripe pineapple does it for me: One bite and I’m back in Hawaii Read more...